Pubdate: Thu, 11 May 2006
Source: Gay City News (NY)
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Author: Bruce Mirken
Cited:  American Academy of HIV Medicine
Cited: Marijuana Policy Project
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Nathan Riley did an excellent job of summing up the dishonest and
overtly political nature of the Food and Drug Administration's
recent statement on medical marijuana. ("Bushies Once Again Bury
Science for Politics,"  Apr. 27-May 3).

Among the many medical and public health organizations supporting laws
to permit medical use of marijuana is the American Academy of HIV
Medicine, which endorsed New York state medical marijuana legislation
in 2003. AAHIVM wrote, "When appropriately prescribed and monitored,
marijuana/cannabis can provide immeasurable benefits for the health
and well-being of our patients."  Since that statement, new data has
shown that medical marijuana can help those experiencing nausea and
vomiting from their anti-HIV drug cocktails to adhere to their
medication regimens.

In June, Congress is expected to consider a modest but important
amendment, to be introduced by Representative Maurice Hinchey (D-
Binghamton), to stop the federal government from arresting patients in
states which have chosen to permit medical use of marijuana. The LGBT
community needs to energetically get behind Hinchey's amendment,
which represents a significant step toward sanity in federal marijuana

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