Pubdate: Sun, 04 Jun 2006
Source: Asbury Park Press (NJ)
Copyright: 2006 Asbury Park Press
Author: Gary M. Sage


In an opinion piece, First Ocean County Assistant Prosecutor Terrence
P. Farley once again trotted out his claims that "medical marijuana
and Compassionate Use acts are a hoax." ("Studies belie claims of
medical marijuana as safe option to pain," commentary, May 2.)

Farley's assertions about how providing medicine to sick people is
just a stalking horse for allowing healthy people to abuse drugs sound
like the ravings of a conspiracy theorist. The evil legalizers are out
to destroy the society that he loves. Is this guy really on the public

Strangely though, while he was heading the Ocean County Narcotics Task
Force, he refused to intervene in the admitted illegal and public
medical use of marijuana by the late Cheryl Miller of Dover Township.
Apparently, Farley chose, with the approval of his superiors, to
selectively enforce the law.

Were they afraid that one of their staff would have to stand in front
of a jury and confront one of the patients they regularly send Farley
out to talk about? Or did they know (as I know) that if they had
arrested Miller, it would have been a precedent-setting case that
would have forced the Supreme Court to act on the real evil in this
country - denying a homegrown medicine to many seriously ill citizens
in a so-called free country?

It is time to chart another course and create a legally binding
exemption from prosecution for medical marijuana patients in New
Jersey. Why not make compassion compulsory? Contact your state
legislators and ask them to support S-88 and A-933.

Gary M. Sage

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