Pubdate: Fri, 16 Jun 2006
Source: Summit Daily News (CO)
Copyright: 2006 Summit Daily News
Author: Stan White


Is the Bible what citizens are scared of, or is it the people handing
out Bibles? The Bible hasn't harmed anyone.

Some people handing out Bibles do not adhere to the teachings of the
Christ Jesus (which is what the New Testament is about) and perhaps
some parents do not want their children to accept that behavior.

Examples include that the Bible teaches do not kill/murder, yet many
who hand out Bible support and rationalize war and capitol punishment
of the guilty and innocent. Jesus was against those acts opposite of
loving one another. When someone does wrong, we are not to kill them
along with innocent people around them and rationalize it. That is
taught on the Bible's third page, in the Ten Commandments and through
out the New Testament.

Another example is where many people handing out Bibles support
prohibition laws enabling government to cage humans for using cannabis
(marijuana) when, in fact, God indicated He created all the seed
bearing plants and said they are all good, on literally the very first
page of the Bible.

There are many reasons why Americans oppose Bible handouts; this is
one that doesn't get mentioned; pure inbreeded hypocrisy is to blame
and many citizens and parents do not want to teach hypocrisy to their

I love the Bible and the teachings of Christ God Our Father and want
My children to receive the Spirit of Truth, but hypocritical believers
handing out Bibles is an unsuccessful way to teach it.

Perhaps we should teach our children about the Bible and to ask
questions of those who hand out Bibles and not accept Bibles from
hypocrites. Most of all, don't let hypocrites turn You away from the

Censoring and removing the platform of Biblical hypocrites is the
correct way to make the world a safer place for Our children.

So obey, love one another and receive the "Spirit of Truth." Disobey,
do not love one another and You don't even know You don't receive, yet
think You do. It's a Biblical catch-22.

Stan White

Dillon, CO
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