Pubdate: Wed, 21 Jun 2006
Source: Windsor Star (CN ON)
Copyright: 2006 The Windsor Star
Author: Randy Borrink
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Here we go again, a drug war out of control and not winnable: Cops 
Docked For Neglect, Windsor Star, June 14, officers were suspended 
three weeks' pay for covering up for bad cops in the Toronto drug squad.

Meanwhile, Nic Mardi rots in jail, Windsor Star, June 13, and is a 
non-violent drug offender. Tobacco and alcohol kill more people than 
all other drugs combined, whereas cannabis is much more benign than both.

Is this justice?

Is this how we want our tax dollars spent? Is this how we want our 
police force allocated?

Violence and corruption are side-effects of prohibition. If there was 
a real desire to reduce crime, drugs would be decriminalized and 
harder drugs like crack and heroin would be dispensed in clinics and 
services would be provided to help addicts get off of them. Once the 
black market is gone, so do guns and gangs disappear.

One obstacle to correct this is that the legal system is dependent on 
drug money, including police, judges, lawyers, prisons, probation 
officers, etc. Another obstacle is the disapproval by the U.S.

The new Conservative government is pushing for harsher penalties like 
the U.S. has already. This only destroys families and doesn't reduce 
crime. Fortunately, in the U.S., there are groups pushing back these 
laws: Families Against Mandatory Minimums, Students For Sensible Drug 
Policy and Police Officers Against Prohibition.

Randy Borrink

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