Pubdate: Wed, 21 Jun 2006
Source: Prince George Free Press (CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 BC Newspaper Group
Author: Russell Barth
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RE: Tories And The Gun Registry

The Tories claim that the gun registry needs to be scrapped because 
it is expensive, disorganized, and does little to help public safety.

The program has wasted about $100 million per year over the past 9-10 
years, but has actually saved many lives, according to police.

Marijuana prohibition has cost closer to $2 billion per year, is 
completely ineffective, and has done absolutely nothing to increase 
public safety or reduce crime.

If anything, prohibition has caused problems that were never there in 
the first place.

By not legalizing and regulating marijuana production and sales, our 
government subsidizes criminals, makes pot easier for kids to access 
than either tobacco or alcohol, wastes valuable police resources and 
billions of dollars annually, deprives Canada of a source of valuable 
medicine, and deprives us of an additional $3 billion in annual tax revenue.

What a bunch of hypocrites!

All of this leads me to wonder just which side of the law these 
so-called "Conservatives" are really on.

Russell Barth

Federal Medical Marijuana License Holder

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