Pubdate: Mon, 03 Jul 2006
Source: Press, The (York, UK)
Copyright: 2006 Newsquest (York) Ltd
Author: Steve Clements


I appreciate Leo Enticknap's support (Morally Untenable, Readers
Letters, June 27) for my comments on smoking, and his interesting
points about making tobacco illegal.

However, I'm afraid if that were to happen, then it would not decrease
use or eliminate it.

As with illegal drugs (and alcohol prohibition), it would hand the
supply over to criminal gangs, leading to a dangerous supply chain
with toxic tobacco mixes, gun and gang crime, just as we have with
illegal drugs.

A legal, regulated and controlled supply with correct health
information is the best way to reduce harm from drugs, whether legal
or not.

I only wish it were possible to call to account the United Nations,
which has again shown that it is purely a puppet of the US, and is
willing to spout lies for a political agenda.

As a cannabis user of 30 years, I can assure you that cannabis is no
stronger now than 20 years ago. I would also suggest my health is
above average and my mental health very stable. The General Assembly
of the UN said in 1998: "Bold objective: the elimination or
substantial reduction of coca leaf, opium poppy and cannabis
cultivation by 2008."

Afghanistan under US control has now had the largest poppy harvest

You figure it out. We are being lied to almost daily about drugs while
corporate greed pushes junk food diets, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco,
salt, sugar and dangerous pharmaceuticals into our ever more reliant

I'll stick with the god-given herb, thanks. No law or any amount of
lies will change that. No victim, no crime.

Steve Clements,

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance,

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