Pubdate: Wed, 14 Mar 2007
Source: Auburn Journal (CA)
Copyright: 2007 Gold Country Media
Author: Lanette Davies
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Only here in America can a murderer receive a lower sentence than a 
sick patient that grows medical marijuana for themselves and other 
sick patients.

Here in California where we have the Compassionate Use Act, law 
enforcement and government officials have been requested to take a 
new look and revamp their thought process and policies.

Patients are not criminals. You cannot look at the age, gender or 
religion of a person to determine if they are a patient, you cannot 
look at the appearance of that person to make that determination.

We expect our leaders to be better than that. Why is this so 
difficult? You would think society would be thrilled that they can 
take patients out of the equation of being a criminal but many are so 
certain that someone who uses marijuana will enjoy it - therefore 
they must be scamming the system.

How about they are happy that they are no longer in pain, can keep 
other medications down, and feel more relaxed. Is that the crime so 
many are worried about?

The last time I looked, one out of every five people will at some 
time be diagnosed with cancer or another severe illness.

That means if you have not yet experienced the horror of illness you 
probably know someone who has or are even related to someone who is ill.

If they choose to use a cannabis product it will not make them into a 
bad person. Please stop the discrimination. Help educate others 
around you so we can get past this.

Lanette Davies