Pubdate: Fri, 17 Aug 2007
Source: Mississauga News (CN ON)
Copyright: The Mississauga News 2007
Author: Wayne Phillips


Dear Editor:

Re: Marijuana Mayhem, in the Aug. 10 edition.

Marijuana grow labs are everywhere, thanks to prohibition.

With grow labs come organized crime, turf violence and random associated 
crime, again, courtesy of prohibition.

After decades of prohibition there are currently more kids involved with 
cannabis, gangs, and a variety of other substances and activities far more 
harmful than cannabis consumption ever could be.

Moreover, there are more drugs in schools, parks, playgrounds and malls as 
well as on the streets right now then at any other time in history. That's 
quite an accomplishment and one that could not have happened without 

Concerns regarding family values and the idea that legalization sends the 
wrong message to youth are pathetically contrived pretenses meant to 
justify prohibition.

First, neither government, enforcement agencies, or media have the moral 
force, precept or principle to mandate family values. Secondly, there has 
never been any indication that prohibition has ever worked. What the status 
quo attempts to do is give the impression that it works. That, in and of 
itself, renders both prohibition and the status quo treacherous and unreliable.

Wayne Phillips

Marijuana Party of Canada