Pubdate: Thu, 20 Sep 2007
Source: Oakville Today (CN ON)
Contact:  2009 Metroland Media Group Ltd.
Author: Von Jeppesen


I am quite sure your article, or rather, "Drug Report," was an eye opener
to some parents. However, I felt that the title was quite misguided. No
parent can "protect" his or her child from drugs. It is impossible. There
is going to be a moment when they are going to the movies, off to a party,
or even maybe having lunch at school where they might have to make a
decision. What you made them promise at the dinner table isn't going to be
a priority when their two best friends are waving them on. All you, the
parent, can do is educate them.

And by educate, I don't mean telling them lies, and myths about how bad
they are. Arm them with the truth. Giving them curiosity to "experiment"
leads to harder things, and deeper consequences, where if you had just
been up front about it they would know or at the least have an idea what
is or isn't for them.

Explain, and tell them how chemical drugs rot the mind, the body, and
about the risks of overdoses, and laced substances.

Explain, and tell them that Marijuana is one of the least harmful
substances known to man (let alone that list), and that this country's
very own Senate recommended legalizing it. Tell them that the "continued
prohibition of cannabis jeopardizes the health and well-being of Canadians
much more than does the substance itself." Tell them that because the
government has kept marijuana illegal it has created a black market in
which exposes them to many more and worse harmful substances. Tell them
that police argue against legalization because it would significantly
LOWER their budgets.

Tell them... The truth.

- Von Jeppesen