Pubdate: Wed, 29 Aug 2007
Source: London Free Press (CN ON)
Copyright: 2007 The London Free Press
Author: Luis Leal


I don't see the logic in the article, Salvia's quick high worries 
police (Aug. 27). It seems like just random fear-mongering to me.

First, where's the evidence that this drug is bad? Are people 
supposed to stand behind the banning of something that sounds less 
harmful than alcohol (alcohol's effects lasting hours, leading to 
drunk driving; salvia's effects lasting minutes)?

Where are the priorities here?

Are we supposed to ban it so London police can focus on fighting a 
war on it when they haven't won the war on current street drugs such 
as crack, meth or heroin? Are we supposed to make illegal a drug 
that, by the account of the mystery woman in the story, was a 
one-time high? Imagine if that woman had tried crack or some other 
street drug. I'm sure she wouldn't say the same thing.

According to The Free Press, the drug causes a "zombie-like state."

That doesn't sound like someone who'd be going for a stroll or 
driving, unlike say, someone who has a couple of beers.

I think London police and The London Free Press need to focus on 
dealing with our current drug problems rather than tackling new and, 
by all accounts, minimally threatening ones. We should worry about 
drugs that have wrecked lives and will continue to wreck lives if 
kept on the streets. Deal with the real problems before making new ones.

Luis Leal

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