Pubdate: Sat, 15 Sep 2007
Source: Wichita Eagle (KS)
Copyright: 2007 The Wichita Eagle
Author: C. A. Riley


It comes as no surprise to me that many prescription and even
over-the-counter drugs are dangerous, and that "adverse drug events"
have escalated dramatically during the past decade ("Prescription
'adverse events' mount, despite oversight," Sept. 11 Eagle). According
to the article, the drugs most often linked to serious problems,
including deaths, are from two categories: those that work primarily
on the immune system, such as drugs used for diseases like rheumatoid
arthritis, HIV/AIDS and Crohn's disease; and pain relievers, both
prescription and nonprescription, commonly used for degenerative disk
disease, osteoarthritis and many other causes of chronic pain.

Not only has marijuana been shown to be therapeutically effective in
all these medical conditions, but because it's 100 percent natural,
marijuana also is far safer. There has never been a single recorded
case of death attributed to marijuana use. Which medicine would you
choose if marijuana were legalized for medicinal purposes?

C. A. Riley

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