Pubdate: Tue, 18 Sep 2007
Source: Warwick Beacon (RI)
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My name is no longer Mommy or simple Kel.

My name is Kelly who suffers from fibromyalga, Multiple Sclerosis and
pain from hell.

It is hard to wake up and put a smile on my face.

When at times my world is a very dark place.

My husband and children can light up my life....

I do my best I can to be a wonderful mother and loving

My illnesses are known as the beast within...

However smoking marijuana helps me fight the battle to

Relief from the misery that the beast brings to me...

Attention to the small moment's god makes me see...

The simple things in life I reflect upon more...

Now I can control the beast as it is smashing against my

A miracle of my life was given back to me,

When Rhode Island passed the law to let patients smoke

Society may not know how this plant can help us so

Nevertheless, they also do not understand what illnesses do to your
mind, body and such...

Should I load up on pills and lie in bed all day.

Or shall I smoke a little and join my children at play.

Have enjoyable conversations of the moments we share

Or should my husband look at me with fear?

I've been there before, I've seen the tears in his

As he watched my future start to wilt and die.

This last year that passed, I regained a lot...

I still cannot believe it is from smoking pot.

I am grateful for RIPAC and the resources I receive

Without your support, my life I would grieve

RIPAC has a good start indeed

However, there are so many patients in need.

I am fortunate to have found a

caregiver who is such a delight.

What he does not know is how much he helps me fight.

He never lets me suffer or feel like I am going insane.

He is just a wonderful person who lessens my pain.

Just a call to my caregiver, my medicine arrives.

I take a few puffs and amazingly, I feel alive.

To have these wonderful people in my life, I thank god and

That everyone can find that peace I found every single

Please do not judge us ill patients without knowing what marijuana can

Because someday my friend this can all be happening to

Kelly Powers

Warwick, R.I.
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