Pubdate: Fri, 21 Sep 2007
Source: Parksville Qualicum Beach News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2007 Parksville Qualicum Beach News
Author: Jason Baker


Its the first day of school for my five-year-old son. He's pretty
excited to be finally going to meet more kids, and its a little scary
for us sending him out into the world.

As I walked in I was disappointed to see a large DARE poster staring
back at me. The propaganda war begins and its only

This has struck me as very odd that an RCMP-run drug education program
is in our elementary schools. I thought this program was thrown out
years ago. It seems there's a lot of parents who are against the DARE
program, but its shocking how many are scared to say anything for fear
of ridicule and police harassment.

The facts behind the DARE program are very flawed and manipulative.
When doing research about DARE I was surprised to find statistics that
indicate that students that graduated the DARE program were more
likely to be drug users when they reach adulthood.

It has proven to be a non-effective program and even damaging in some

Parents need to research this more closely and take our children's
education out of the hands of the RCMP.

Drug education should be in the hands of parents, teachers, doctors,
and addictions counselors.

Jason Baker,

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