Pubdate: Sun, 28 Oct 2007
Source: Denver Post (CO)
Page: 2E
Copyright: 2007 The Denver Post Corp
Author: Tom Parsons


Re: "Vote 'no' on latest pot push," Oct. 15 editorial.

The "vote 'no' on pot" editorial was sanctimonious grand-standing on
the part of The Denver Post. To actually state with assumed authority
that the efforts by SAFER are "merely an effort to enable marijuana
users to get high on something besides alcohol" serves to disguise a
social justice problem that dwarfs The Denver Post's concern. That
problem is the arrest and conviction records of those who commit no
law-breaking behavior other than to want to get high. If getting
"high" is the concern of the editors, then why aren't they
proselytizing for making alcohol illegal?

Why not be forthright and talk about that fact that "too much" of
either substance is the issue? And in so doing, argue for
decriminalizing something that thousands of Coloradans do on a regular
basis - getting a little high. And, in doing so, speak out to prevent
the injustice that occurs when someone possesses some pot and is
arrested as a lawbreaker and branded as a criminal. Editorialize to
change the current law. It is the right thing to do.

Tom Parsons,
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