Pubdate: Thu, 01 Nov 2007
Source: Asbury Park Press (NJ)
Copyright: 2007 Asbury Park Press
Author: Michael Kessler


I was happy to read that Jim Miller, a Libertarian, is running for 
the 10th District Assembly. ("10th District: Health of waterways is 
theme," Oct. 11.) I'm not surprised to find he is still fighting for 
medical marijuana rights for seriously ill and dying New Jersey residents.

I met Miller in 2003 at a memorial for his late wife, Cheryl, in 
Washington. The weekend event included a congressional press 
conference, a memorial service in front of the U.S. Supreme Court and 
a visit to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society by a dozen or so 
MS patients from around the country.

Mrs. Miller had MS and spent the last decade of her life going to the 
wall for others she never would know. They had come to D.C. to pay 
their respects. I was not prepared for the incredibly powerful 
stories I heard that day. Their pain was real. Their struggles were 
extreme. Their truth was evident. Medical marijuana was their best 
medicine, and they had come to D.C. to tell those who needed to hear 
it the most. I found myself crying uncontrollably at their emotional honesty.

I have seen how Miller has done whatever it takes to help medical 
marijuana become law in New Jersey. I will be proud to cast my vote 
for a man who has no limit to what he will do to help the sick and 
dying. You want change in Trenton? Vote for Miller.

Michael Kessler

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