Pubdate: Fri, 02 Feb 2007
Source: Hamilton Mountain News (CN ON)
Copyright: 2007 Brabant Newspapers
Author: Russell Barth


Re: Mountain Grow-Op's Wiring Packed Potential Wallop

"Sergeant Michael Webber said police found the home's electrical
wiring had been dangerously altered".

Considering how often police get caught lying and exaggerating when it
come to marijuana busts, I am surprised that there is a single
reporter in Canada still willing to relay their reports

But then, one hand washes the other, doesn't it?

Here is an example: Any time there is a bust, the police say that each
plant (no matter what size) is "worth $1000 on the street".

But saying that a four-inch tall seedling is "worth" the same as a
full grown flowering plant, is much like saying that a pile of car
parts is actually a $20,000 car. It isn't really a "lie", but - just
like everything else cops say about marijuana - it is exaggeration
bordering on fabrication.

And finally, the dangers that actually are found in grow-ops comes
from the prohibition of the plant, not the plants or the equipment.

How many have actually caught fire in Canada? How many people have
actually been injured in grow-ops?

If they are so dangerous, why does Health Canada license hundreds of
people to grow pot at home?

So when a reporter ask cops about how dangerous grow-ops are, they're
really asking the fox why there are so many chickens missing from the
coop. The fox, of course, keeps blaming the chickens.

Russell Barth

Federal Medical

Marijuana License Holder

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