Pubdate: Tue, 13 Nov 2007
Source: cville (Charlottesville, VA)
Copyright: 2007 Portico Publications
Author: Allan Erickson


Thanks very much for your article, "Marijuana As First Amendment 
Right" [Courts & Crime News, November 6, 2007], by J. Tobias Beard.

With an estimated 300 million cannabis consumers around the globe, 
this is no small issue. And considering the absolute farcical 
fabrications underlying the much maligned plant's prohibition, the 
case of Carl Olsen touches on much more than religion.

In consideration of cannabis' place as an important agricultural, 
medicinal, industrial, spiritual and nutritional commodity around the 
globe for thousands of years, pot's prohibition is laughable in the 
face of reality. As a medicine its use is ancient. As a religious 
sacrament it has for millenia touched many religions in many regions 
of the globe.

Napoleon's attack on Russia was over hemp. Hemp/cannabis is a proven 
(and highly nutritious) food source, a valuable fabric, a quality 
building material, an effective medicine for many conditions 
(including quite possibly as a treatment against cancer) and a plant 
that has such an ancient association with humanity that we carry 
receptors for it in our bodies at a cellular level.

The real debate is not about the validity of Olsen's (or anyone 
else's) religious use but rather about the lies that form the 
corrupted foundation for all laws against cannabis. Laws based on 
lies have no relationship with justice. Without justice, our legal 
system is a fraud.

Allan Erickson

Drug Policy Forum of Oregon

Eugene, Oregon
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