Pubdate: Sun, 11 Nov 2007
Source: Kalamazoo Gazette (MI)
Copyright: 2007 Kalamazoo Gazette
Author: Mike Dooley


A question for Judge Pamela Lightvoet on the two Gull Lake teachers
who lost their teaching jobs and who may no longer be able to afford
their home after being convicted of growing cannabis for their
personal consumption.

Do the people of Michigan have a say in the creation of the laws over
which they preside as jurors? Are all juries able to discuss whether
the law, as it is presented, is just or unjust?

If not, must the prosecuting attorney prove what the government has
said about cannabis -- that its use will make one violent, will make
one insane -- and if the prosecutor cannot show that the use of
cannabis has caused these actions, must the jury find the accused
innocent because the underlying premise is not correct?

The story about the two teachers said nothing about any insane or
violent acts at school or anywhere else.

Lastly, is the informer entitled to receive any bounty from turning in
these two teachers? The FBI said in 2006 there were more than 800,000
arrests for cannabis in the United States, according to

Thank you for wanting to work for the people, Judge

Mike Dooley

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