Pubdate: Mon, 17 Dec 2007
Source: Anderson Independent-Mail (SC)
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Author: Johnnie Phelps


Thomas Ravenel, former state treasurer, is a perfect  example of why 
illegal drugs will always be so  plentiful in this country. He was 
busted with a pound  of cocaine, and never spent one night in the 
detention  center. He was allowed to go out of state for some 
"Hollywood" rehab. The police came to his defense right  away by 
saying, "He wasn't intending on selling the  drugs, it was just 
intended for him and his friends."  Nicky Barnes , a black man in 
N.Y., was given life in  prison for getting caught with half the 
cocaine this  man had.

The really big-time drug dealers in this country are  white, college 
grads, between the ages 25-50 and will  never spend one night in 
prison because white jurors  will never convict them. Anyone remember 
John DeLoren?  He was an unsuccessful auto maker and a really 
big-time drug dealer. He was caught in a sting by the FBI while  he 
was closing a multi-million-dollar drug deal.  Although he was caught 
on video, he was acquitted by an  all-white jury.

Two white, very cocky, big-time drug dealers had the  nerve to go on 
"60 Minutes" and show Mike Wallace their  mansions, jets, yachts, 
etc. On the same program were  two white police officers in Chicago 
selling drugs out  of the police car.

Pretty much the ones filling up these prisons across  America are 
these low-level dealers (mainly blacks and  Latinos) trying to 
support their habits. I'm not  defending any drug dealers, but rehab 
shouldn't be just  for the rich.

Johnnie Phelps,  Anderson
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