Pubdate: Wed, 19 Dec 2007
Source: Paris News (TX)
Copyright: 2007 Paris News
Author: Nick Baker
Note: title by newshawk


Anti-marijuana fanatics have many  opinions as to why marijuana is 
and should be illegal.  One of which is so commonly used in the South 
but is  hardly, if ever argued against and that is 
the  Christian/Biblical view. Well, I have a theory or my  own 
opinion on marijuana in the Bible. First, keep in  mind it was God 
and not man who put marijuana on this  planet in the first place.

In Genesis 29-30 it is stated that God has given every  green herb 
and herb bearing seed for the use and  benefit of mankind as well as 
every animal on the  Earth. God clearly told Adam to make use of 
anything he wished in the garden except for that one specific 
tree.  If marijuana was here for the use of Adam before sin  then 
wouldn't the plant be fine if used in moderation  similar to the way 
wine is acceptable in moderation in  the Bible?

Wine is man made, even more dangerous in mass  quantities compared to 
marijuana has nowhere near the  uses other than consumption that 
marijuana has. Given  that and the fact that marijuana is indeed 
green and an  herb, I think it should start to be respected as it was 
placed here by someone far more wise than you or I  could ever attempt to be.

Nick Baker

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