Pubdate: Sat, 22 Dec 2007
Source: Edmonton Journal (CN AB)
Copyright: 2007 The Edmonton Journal
Author: Mark Senior


Re: "Drug rings grow more refined: RCMP; Mounties especially worried 
about use of 'budder' and 'cheese'," The Journal, Dec. 18.

The RCMP's Drug Situation Report 2006 is cited as claiming that 
"organized crime is a driving force behind an expanding drug trade in 
Canada." This is backward logic, and we should not accept it unexamined.

The drug trade is growing for the same reason any trade grows -- 
because of growing demand. For the growing involvement of organized 
crime, we Canadians have only ourselves to blame. Through our laws, 
we are the ones handing this perfect monopoly to organized crime.

Mark Senior, Edmonton
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