Pubdate: Sat, 22 Dec 2007
Source: Tampa Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2007 The Tribune Co.
Author: Lisa Levison


After another trip to my local pharmacy to buy my husband his much 
needed allergy medication, I have come to the conclusion that this 
ridiculous law requiring photo ID and a one box limit per 15-day 
period for allergy and cold medication is ridiculous. It certainly 
isn't stopping the criminals from manufacturing illegal drugs. 
Surprisingly, they manage to supply their drug without any problems, 
as you can see if you watch a newscast or pick up a paper.

It is affecting the citizens that need this medication. With gas at 
$3 a gallon, I can't buy three or four boxes at a time to have a 
two-month supply. I must buy a 15-day box at a time. While it is 
great for the retailer - I have to go to their store on a regular 
basis - it is not so great for the general public. And you want to 
know what's really sad? The pharmacist said that in the length of 
time it took him to enter my ID, for me to sign and accept the law, 
move over to the cash register and ring up my purchase, he could have 
filled two or three other prescriptions.

The federal government needs to repeal this law. This is government 
intrusion at its finest. Over-the-counter means just that. I should 
be able to buy this medication when I need it and not when the 
government tells me I can. A waiting period on medication? Please.

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