Pubdate: Tue, 18 Dec 2007
Source: News-Review, The (Roseburg, OR)
Copyright: 2007 The News-Review
Author: Steven Cooper


Regarding the Nov. 28 article about drug abuse at the forefront of
local concerns, by John Sowell. Nice job of separating methamphetamine
abuse and prescription drug abuse from medical cannabis use in your
article -- not.

Too bad it was one-sided in favor of prohibitionists, drug treatment
agencies and county agencies which are supposed to, but fail to follow
state law, especially in regard to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act,
ORS 475.300 et seq.

Why was the use of medical cannabis in front of this council? Using
medical cannabis is not considered a substance abuse problem except by
rabid prohibitionists. The implication of being included in your
report with no rebuttal indicates a bias towards those who legally use
medical cannabis.

The outrageous statement, "We're telling our kids 'Don't do drugs,'
and, yet, across the street, drugs are medicine. So that conflicting
message to our kids really fuels some of the high rates of substance
abuse," Linden said.

Excuse me, all medicines are drugs and subject to misuse. With the
advent of prescription ads on TV, prescription abuse by children is
the new norm, not cannabis use. Statistics show that since the
inception of the OMMA, in Oregon, cannabis use by teens is down.

Did your reporter even bother to contact one of the organizations
which are proponents for medical cannabis, to get their feedback and
input on this meeting? There are great sources in this state, Oregon
Green Free, Oregon NORML, Voter Power, MAMAs, THC Foundation and
Clinics to name the larger organizations.

Medical cannabis users are, unfortunately, all too familiar with city,
county and state agencies contravening state law in regards to
patients using medical cannabis. We do our best to correct these
behaviors when we can; your article made the job tougher.

Steven Cooper

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