Pubdate: Wed, 26 Dec 2007
Source: Union Democrat, The (Sonora, CA)
Copyright: 2007 Western Communications, Inc
Author: Randy Villata


To the Editor:

While in the Bay Area last week, I had the opportunity to sit and 
observe that a medical marijuana dispensary (as allowed by law) was 
by far the busiest business in a small strip mall; raking in big bucks.

Now, I am just a retired civil servant unable to find employment and 
not the brightest nail in the box, so here is an idea that someone 
must have thought of and not bothered to follow through on.

With local law enforcement pulling up tons of marijuana plants a 
season, to defray costs, why don't they just package the product?

They can run their own medical marijuana dispensary as allowed by law 
and have built-in enforcement of Proposition 215 (an exemption from 
criminal penalties for medical use of marijuana) control over who 
buys it. I would bet the income would go a long way to build that 
huge big city-type court complex they want.

I don't use it and I don't even think smoking or drinking is a good 
idea, but the law is the law, so let's let the severely disabled have 
their own choice ... as allowed by law, a law voted in by the people, 
the most valid way there is to enact a law.

Randy Villata

Los Gatos Police Department, retired

Twain Harte
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