Pubdate: Wed, 07 Feb 2007
Source: Golden Star (CN BC)
Copyright: 2007 The Golden Star
Author: Russell Barth
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RE: Dion Pitches Climate, Addiction Policies In Victoria (Jan. 31 
issue, The Golden Star).

Funny how Stephane Dion is willing to be more sensible about safe 
injection sites, but still has his head buried when it comes to The 
War On Certain Drugs.

All studies show that drug prohibition is fuelling crime, subsidizing 
gangsters, and increasing community costs and danger. Two-thirds of 
Canadians want to see drug use dealt with as a medical issue, not a 
criminal one.

Undaunted by science, history or facts, the Tories are promising to 
build more jails, hire more cops, and increase this counterproductive 
policy! Unencumbered by common sense or critical thinking, Tory 
voters are gobbling it up by the spoonful.

The Liberals, apparently, are willing to do almost the same thing.

Why? The same reason as the Tories, I guess: To satisfy the psychotic 
bully living to the south.

Russell Barth,

Federal Medical Marijuana License Holder,

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