Pubdate: Mon, 05 Mar 2007
Source: Naples Daily News (FL)
Copyright: 2007 Naples Daily News.
Author: Edward J. Kant


Editor, Daily News:

My heart goes out to Mona Casey, who lost her son to "huffing" Freon 
as spotlighted on the front page of the Local & State News section on Feb. 28.

This is a tragedy, and I understand her hurt and loss.

That said, however, I do not believe asking for yet another layer of 
bureaucratic regulation is the answer. I do not want to appear to be 
casting aspersions on anyone's parenting skills, and I realize that 
today's culture of glorified, drugged-out "pop" princes and 
princesses is difficult for any parent to deal with. But looking at a 
law or regulation that affects everyone to "deal with" this issue is 
not the answer she is seeking.

I do wish I had a solution for this type of self-destructive 
behavior, but there are no easy answers. Requiring everyone to deal 
with one person's mistake by fitting or retrofitting one's 
air-conditioning unit may be a feel-good response, but it does not 
address the underlying issue of what makes some young people do these 
types of things while others find more wholesome outlets.

My sympathy to Mrs. Casey, and I commend the Collier County 
commissioners for their offer of sympathy, but without costs and consequences.

Edward J. Kant Naples
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