Pubdate: Sat, 10 Mar 2007
Source: Ketchikan Daily News (AK)
Copyright: 2007 Ketchikan Daily News
Author: Stan White


EDITOR, Daily News:

Michael Lineker's beliefs and usage of cannabis (March 3, 2007, 
Ketchikan Daily News article) are Biblically correct. In 1980, Hebrew 
University in Jerusalem confirmed, kaneh bosm is cannabis (marijuana) 
which has been mistranslated in 5 places in the Bible and is in fact 
part of the recipe of the holy anointing oil used in Exodus 30:23. 
The anointing oil calls for almost 9 pounds of the God-given plant.

Isn't there a conflict of interest when America claims being a nation 
of freedom of religion on the one hand yet on the other hand strives 
to cage a citizen for using the God-given plant, since Christ God Our 
Father indicates He created all the seed-bearing plants, saying they 
are all good, on literally the very first page (see Genesis 1:11-12 
and 29-30). The only Biblical restriction placed on cannabis is that 
it is to be accepted with thankfulness (see 1 Timothy 4:1-5).

Michael Lineker should not be caged for using what God says is


Stan White

Dillon, Colo
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