Pubdate: Mon, 12 Mar 2007
Source: State News, The (MI State U, MI Edu)
Copyright: 2007 The State News
Author: Carl Andre
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In response to David McAllister's "Drug war overhaul" (SN 2/27), I 
propose that Mr. McAllister is on drugs. The most appalling portion 
of the article is the proposed solution to the drug problem. It is 
based on the erroneous assumption that all drug dealers and abusers 
are impoverished.

A trip to the suburbs would clear this up pretty fast. People of all 
socioeconomic backgrounds use, abuse and sell illegal drugs. People 
don't always sell drugs to make money. Some do it simply to supply 
their friends, to feel needed, etc.

Poverty is not the only force driving people to do and sell drugs. In 
fact, if all drug users are poor, won't they just buy more drugs with 
the extra $10 they make a week as a result of an increase of the 
minimum wage? Tax breaks would be great for the poor, too, if they 
didn't already have them (when we get older and make more money, 
we'll grow to understand the tax bracket system). I agree with Mr. 
McAllister that education will help stem drug abuse (but not use), 
but the real solution is to legalize or tolerate drug use. I mean, 
come on, do we really need another misguided war on anything?

Carl Andre

plant biology graduate student 
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