Pubdate: Thu, 15 Mar 2007
Source: Nanaimo News Bulletin (CN BC)
Copyright: 2007, BC Newspaper Group
Author: Kelley Dennis
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To the Editor,

I am involved with health care and see first hand the epidemic of 
addiction within Nanaimo.

I also see it on our own streets. I agree with the opening of a 
supervised injection site within Nanaimo.

Supervised injection sites have much to offer and have many benefits 
that can improve the impact that addictions have on a community.

The four pillar approach has been adopted by Vancouver for reducing 
drug related harm. These four pillars include prevention, treatment, 
harm reduction and enforcement.

Enforcement involves the co-operation of the RCMP to target drug 
traffickers and producers. The four pillars ensure involvement from 
many aspects as well as support within the community.

Some of the positive factors that make these supervised injection 
sites a benefit to the community include: access to treatment or 
medical care, a decrease in the incidence of diseases such as HIV and 
Hepatitis, a decrease in drug overdose, a decrease in strain on beds 
at the hospital due to treatments within the safe injection site 
facility and education for those suffering from addiction.

The supervised injection site (INSITE) in Vancouver has aided 
individuals in the recovery process from addiction by providing 
counseling and tools that these individuals can access.

I hope people within our community will better understand the 
benefits of a supervised injection site.

Nanaimo is in desperate need of some innovative changes to make a 
difference in this community.

Kelley Dennis

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