Pubdate: Wed, 14 Mar 2007
Source: Merritt Herald (CN BC)
Copyright: 2007 Merritt Herald
Author: Peter Christopher
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I read with interest Mr. Reitsma's letter, Not the answer, where he 
states we should not address change in marijuana laws "because we 
cannot get rid of it" and explores a nexus of morality and pot law.

Confusing the marijuana issue with that of harder, narcotic drugs is 
a common flaw and possibly a major factor why we are in this global drug mess.

All substances are different and may have different remedies. Further 
exacerbation of drug war will bring nothing less than Marshall Law 
one day if we do not get a handle on it.

There is a good book I suggest Mr. Reitsma read, Marijuana Myths, 
Marijuana Facts by Drs. Morgan and Zimmer. They take the spin out of 
marijuana drug war propaganda issue by issue. One might even learn 
the differences between tobacco and pot consumption as his letter questions.

As you ladle soup in your charitable work with drug addicts, I want 
you to think of those people given a chance to clean up through harm 
reduction maintenance.

That means mental therapy, drug therapy, and if they are intravenous 
users, a way for them to keep us all safe from disease by clean 
needle exchange. What you provide them now is an endless cycle of 
distain and a bowl of soup.

Think outside the box Mr. Reitsma. We all can win in this war. I 
remind you the casualties are our family and neighbors.

Peter Christopher

Hurdle Mills, NC
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