Pubdate: Sun, 25 Mar 2007
Source: Independent on Sunday (UK)
Section: Your Views
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Author: Tomas Mogford
Title: By MAP


A lot of people would much prefer a far weaker strain of cannabis. 
The problem in obtaining this lies with prohibition. With prohibition 
in place, the trade is put into the hands of organised criminals, all 
of whom will want to increase their market share and profit. To do 
this, they are repeatedly making their skunk stronger in order to get 
the user more high than any competitors' skunk. This is resulting in 
the massive, and very sudden, escalation in the amount of people 
reacting badly to the drug that you documented in you paper on 
Sunday. It is, unfortunately, a trend that will continue until 
legalisation of the drug.

Tomas Mogford, By Email
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MAP posted-by: Richard Lake