Pubdate: Sun, 01 Apr 2007
Source: Contra Costa Times (CA)
Copyright: 2007 Knight Ridder
Author: John Wilson


While legitimate concerns prevail among patients and dispensaries 
involving the reliability of California's medical marijuana ID card 
program, a thorough discussion of the ongoing confusion must include 
the motives behind the federal government's refusal to cooperate with 
the state.

The federal government's stance hinders medical research, stalls 
meaningful legislation and clings to marijuana prohibition. Repealing 
marijuana prohibition allows all states to comply with approved 
medical protocol and accepted standards of distribution for medical marijuana.

Why is the federal government stalling? According to FBI estimates, 
upward of 80 percent of all drug arrests are exclusively marijuana: 
Taking marijuana out of the drug war equation leaves 3 million to 4 
million addicts of heroin, cocaine or meth.

Irreconcilable state and federal anti-marijuana forces are left with 
an inflated battle cry regarding authentic levels of addiction and 
quantities of illegal drugs crossing our borders. Hence, the gateway 
theory and the justification for a multibillion-dollar budget 
literally go up in smoke along with the other unscientific claims the 
government makes concerning marijuana.

The federal government is clearly addicted to marijuana prohibition; 
consequently its policies reflect an indifference to the will of the 
people and the medical necessity of patients.

John Wilson

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