Pubdate: Sat, 21 Apr 2007
Source: Chronicle Herald (CN NS)
Copyright: 2007 The Halifax Herald Limited
Author: Andrew Cameron


The Mission and Vision section on Health Canada's website contains the
words: "responsible for helping the people of Canada maintain and
improve their health" and "committed to improving the lives of all of
Canada's people "

I am confused: a 1,500 per cent mark-up on medical marijuana! How does
gouging the sick, suffering and helpless fulfill that mission and vision?

Also on that website, I discovered Smart Regulation, which is "about
creating a better, more effective regulatory system to safeguard the
health and safety of Canadians and ensure a healthy environment, while
enhancing the conditions for an innovative economy." Perhaps an
innovative economy is the answer. There is certainly a thriving
economy in the sale of illicit drugs. Maybe Health Canada doesn't want
to be accused of unfair competition or of poisoning the conditions for
this economy by undercutting the selling price of illicit drugs?

Health Canada's pricing policy is set to match criminal street prices.
It makes one think that the mission and vision are just marketing
words used by Health Canada to justify itself to a gullible public.

This pricing needs to be corrected. Medical marijuana has been proven
effective in treating these patients. It has been prescribed and
approved after very lengthy due process. The patients did not choose
to have their illnesses and conditions. Don't add financial injustices
to their physical suffering.

Andrew Cameron

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