Pubdate: Mon, 30 Apr 2007
Source: Contra Costa Times (CA)
Copyright: 2007 Knight Ridder
Author: Glenn White
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A letter writer on April 25 writes that liberals have increased crime 
and moral degradation in this country since their proclaimed "New Age."

I cannot defend liberals, but the primary cause for increases in 
crime and moral degradation comes from a liberal social engineering 
program strongly embraced by conservatives: the drug war.

To address the writer's specific issues, the drug war increases drug 
availability for schoolchildren, where students sell to peers.

The drug war, a godless communistic ideology relying on same-sex rape 
under the supervision of law enforcement, spreads homosexuality, 
racism, violence and AIDS in the prison system.

These communistic and Sodomite values of American law enforcement 
have become so ingrained that they have even stained our military's 
reputation before the world at Abu Ghraib.

The drug war is used to finance terrorist enemies from Afghanistan to 
Colombia, yet law enforcement and their political supporters discount 
this because they profit politically and financially from the death 
and destruction they have imposed on our country in cities like 
Richmond where gangs are sustained by drug profits.

American law enforcement and their political supporters are greedy 
cowards for refusing to accept accountability for this social cancer 
because they profit from it.

Tons of cocaine is seized in photo ops yet cocaine is still for sale 
on the streets proving their claims to stopping drugs are lies.

If conservatives Advertisement are so moral, why do they support 
failed, godless, Sodomite, communistic social-engineering programs 
like the drug war?

True conservatives limit government, not liberty.

Glenn White

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