Pubdate: Wed, 02 May 2007
Source: Prince George Free Press (CN BC)
Copyright: 2007 BC Newspaper Group
Author: Nathan Paul Prince



I read the newspaper this morning ("Drug crimes worrisome," Free
Press, April 25) and actually ran it across a few of my friends
because this is not new news.

We work, live and play near the downtown districts and I'm sure a lot
of our city's citizens know what crack shacks are downtown, just
through word of mouth. I'm certain the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
are also aware but have other policing matters to attend to on their
daily basis. There are quite a few residents in the City of Prince
George who have other policing matters that need attention and none of
us like to be left out.

Quince Street residents and area renters should be advised that the
money they pay to live there reflects the type of activity they will
receive. If the rent is really affordable and accommodating then we
know the area will attract specific income residents of Prince George
- - that's life in any part of North America whether it be Mexico, Los
Angeles, Montr=E9al or anywhere else in between - consider it a global

So crack shacks aren't new to the world, and they certainly aren't a
new epidemic to Prince George - it's just more likely they have became
obvious news in the past few months because some residents realize the
money they're doling out are going to places other than Slurpees and

As a previous candidate for mayor to the city I do have to say that
though it makes for good reading material, the fact that the RCMP have
made an online statement concerning the event and the fact that they
are hesitantly acknowledging the events publicly that crack shacks
"exist" in Prince George is at least a step forwards to my idea that
they cannot police this city effectively to the extent that residents
would prefer.

When I ran for mayor in the past election the other year, I did
mention that I wanted municipal policing to be implemented here in
this northern town.

The RCMP are decoratively appointed to their positions by the Crown,
and as such, though able to be hired to conduct policing matters, they
are actually supposed to conduct their duties as appointed by the Crown.

If you want cops like on TV you seriously have to hire municipal
police to go out after speeding drivers, loud vehicles, drunk and
disorderly humans and uncivil people. And it is time for council to
start getting phone numbers from Vancouver on who to speak with about
hiring municipal law enforcers.

It is now 2007.

Why are we talking about this today? I brought this up the other

I will be running for mayor again in the next election and hopefully a
couple of the past candidates will begin voicing their opinions as
well. We are all interested in making sure this city works
effectively, and will continue to work effectively 80 years from now,
for our children when they mature into adults and begin taking over
these types of matters, as well for their own children's sakes.

Nathan Paul Prince,

Prince George
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