Pubdate: Wed, 02 May 2007
Source: Sentinel, The (UK)
Copyright: 2007 Northcliffe Electronic Publishing Ltd.
Author: D. Wood


Re: the story headlined Hunt for drug barons, Friday, April 27. When I
saw The Sentinel news bills outside the newsagents on Friday, declaring:
Drug barons target city, I expected to read about crack cocaine or
heroin, but no, it's those pesky cannabis plants grabbing the headlines
again. The report included the police admitting just what an easy target
otherwise law-abiding cannabis growers are. "We would have just kicked
in the door, taken the plants, made an arrest and we wouldn't have gone
beyond that."This is not to mention the devastating effect on the
family, court appearances, a hefty sentence, and a conviction which can
lead to losing jobs (in healthcare, teaching, etc) and possible
evictions, as well as an average cost of UKP4,000 per tax payer - well
done there!

Now, it's becoming more difficult for them, because "surprise,
surprise", criminal gangs are cashing in on the huge demand for
cannabis in the UK, and setting up houses full of the stuff.

Police suggest that if they keep fighting this battle "hopefully there
will be fewer people buying it, and less money to be made here". The
battle is lost, and I suggest that people don't want more money wasted
busting cannabis growers, as an easy way of achieving conviction targets.

If cannabis was legal, it would have no attraction to criminal

Leave it to those who want to use it to make themselves feel a little
better, and for heaven's sake chill out - it's just a plant.


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