Pubdate: Wed, 23 May 2007
Source: Seattle Weekly (WA)
Copyright: 2007 Seattle Weekly
Author: Allison Bigelow



The entrance and exit into Myrtle Edwards Park from the south has been
extremely reduced in width. Before construction began on the sculpture
park, Hempfest representatives made it clear to the city and Seattle
Art Museum that the roadway needed to be larger than SAM has
constructed. The footage needed to safely execute a large political
event such as Hempfest is much wider than SAM built. In the 10 years
prior to SAM's construction, the roadway has allowed a safe event.

I appreciate your article telling about the situation that SAM's
construction has caused. Kudos to Hempfest for acting so quickly to
remove the fencing and keep the festivalgoers safe. SAM should be held
responsible for the costs that are incurred in order for the roadway
to be widened again in order to allow safe access to one of Seattle's
biggest gems. Hempfest has been known for taking care of Myrtle
Edwards Park, picking up every piece of trash, leaving it cleaner than
when they got there. The people who attend the event are, for the most
part, gentle, respectful people who do not damage public property.


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