Pubdate: Tue, 29 May 2007
Source: Honolulu Advertiser (HI)
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Author: Justin Hughey
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Drug Testing

The week before the teacher's conference, Gov. Linda Lingle slammed
the negotiations team with an unprecedented demand - accept random
drug testing or the contract package that was on the table was going
to be taken away.

Random means you are subjecting a percentage of teachers with a test
that has shown to have 30 percent false positives. However, HSTA is
already behind drug testing, as long as it is done with reasonable

Under Lingle's draconian, scapegoat proposal a totally clean teacher
could register a false positive, and then have his or her image ruined
in the community once that information got out. A teacher could eat a
poppy seed muffin or be prescribed some legal medication or purchase
an over-the-counter medicine and trigger a false positive.

Random drug testing as opposed to reasonable suspicion-based testing
will take tons of money away from our already under-funded schools. In
order to avoid a civil rights claim or a claim of a constitutional
violation, nearly all the teachers will have to be tested equally. If
Lingle is so concerned about a drug-free Hawai'i then why did she
refuse Sen. Dan Inouye's ice intervention money that he received from
the federal government? Her commitment to a drug-free Hawai'i depends
on whether or not any political points can be scored.

Since Lingle is eyeing the Senate, I can only hope that Hawai'i has
now seen the true colors of Linda Lingle and her political future is
over in Hawai'i.



Lahaina, Maui
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