Pubdate: Thu, 14 Jun 2007
Source: Anchorage Press (AK)
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Author: Jay Bergstrom


Great pot is like great wine What a wonderful application of physics
wrapped in grey matter - The Alaska Stable Isotope Facility in the
Water and Environmental Research Center at UAF can and surely has
furthered understanding of our Earth. Kudos to the folks on the hill
overlooking Fairbanks, whom I've admired for years, and whose midweek
speakers I enjoyed as an undergrad, once upon a fall semester.

A fraudulent claim to be helping society is being made by UAF Police
Officer Stephen Goetz. Furtherance of marijuana's prohibition is a
non-rewarding end. Given our experience with alcohol prohibition, that
cannabis prohibition is folly only follows; and drug prohibition in
general is a colossal continuing failure, on the same magnitude as

It is bad science to participate in any pogrom against American
citizens. Goetz senses that the demand for cannabis "is greater than
publicly suspected." "Why do you have anybody living anywhere buying
dope from somewhere else?" asks Harvey Goehring, DEA Assistant Special
Agent for Alaska. Dumbasses, why the fuck not! Great strains are like
great wines; terroir is the word and even though there may be great
strains grown locally, the only regulation in the market comes from
direct comparisons.

The names of the counties here in Northern California are legend, a la
Matanuska - Mendocino, Humboldt, Sonoma, all have risen to bring
respect from the connoisseur (which nearly all of the smokers seem to
consider themselves). In closing, I find the reference to "dope" by
Goehring to be an offensive propagandistic slur.

Great, well written article. Thanks for the topical


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