Pubdate: Thu, 14 Jun 2007
Source: Northern Express (MI)
Copyright: 2007 Northern Express
Author: Howard J. Wooldridge
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As a retired police detective from Bath Township,  Michigan (near 
Lansing), I read with interest your idea  to increase tourist dollars 
by legalizing/regulating  and taxing marijuana (a la Amsterdam-type 
coffeehaus).  Thank you for your courage to propose such a sensible 
step. May I add another, perhaps more important aspect  of ending 
marijuana prohibition?

During my 18 years of police service I was dispatched  to zero calls 
generated by the USE of marijuana. Its  use is NOT a societal 
problem. I have always urged my  fellow citizens to not use any 
mind-altering, intoxicating and addictive drug, which 
includes  marijuana. However, having my profession still chasing  the 
Willie Nelsons of Michigan does REDUCE public  safety.

Offr. Howard J. Wooldridge (ret.)

education specialist,

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Washington, DC
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