Pubdate: Thu, 14 Jun 2007
Source: Boulder Weekly (CO)
Copyright: 2007 Boulder Weekly
Author: Camren Von Davis
Note: Titled by newshawk


I applaud Joel Becker and the rest of the panel that spoke honestly 
to the Boulder High School students in April. For your honesty, thank 
you. I, like everyone else, including Wayne Laugesen, used to be a 
kid - a kid who appreciated and took to heart the honesty from adults 
around me rather than the same conservative garbage that is always 
fed to adolescents. I had parents who took Becker's approach, 
encouraging me to experiment responsibly. To date, I do not have any 
illegitimate children, no STDs, nor a substance-abuse problem. I took 
the responsible advice of my competent parents and mentors. Did the 
drugs help me? No, of course not. For the most part, drugs can't 
perform that function, though I wouldn't disregard it completely just 
because the law says otherwise. The law has said so many absurd 
things in the past and still in the present that to regard the law as 
some kind of truth would be a severe act of ignorance. To take the 
law as truth would be to take pride in the act of our slave-owning 
ancestors, our Native-American-killing ancestors and our present 
leaders fighting for oil-control. There, I said it. So, if Joel 
Becker broke the Colorado law in April, may it wise us up a little 
bit and make a positive change in the way we consider how the law 
governs our ability to speak and act as truly free individuals in a 
potentially not-so-free country.

Camren Von Davis/via Internet
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