Pubdate: Mon, 18 Jun 2007
Source: AM New York (NY)
Copyright: 2007 AM New York
Author: Rachel Ramjatan


Re: 'Highs, lows for Weed Bill,' (June 14): Deemed an  opiate by the 
Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914, marijuana  is an illegal and 
controlled substance.

However, this stigma attached to marijuana undermines  the fact that
the drug has many beneficial, medical  qualities. It has been proven
to increase the appetite  and prevent the weight loss commonly
associated with  AIDS patients.

It has also reduced symptoms of nausea in cancer  patients undergoing
chemotherapy as well as treated  pains and muscle spasms experienced
by patients  suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Many medical experts agree that marijuana could even be  used to treat
or cure other diseases, but research on  the subject has unfortunately
been limited, especially  by the Reagan and Bush administrations.

If legalizing marijuana can grant relief to the  unbearable lives of
millions of these terminal  patients, then it is worth implementing
legislation to  get this drug to the people who need it and keep it
away from those who do not.

Rachel Ramjatan,  The Bronx
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