Pubdate: Fri, 29 Jun 2007
Source: Regina Leader-Post (CN SN)
Copyright: 2007 The Leader-Post Ltd.
Author: Tom Brewer
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The student at Wawota's school must wonder about his right to express 
one's view and the right to free speech, given what has been reported.

I can't believe how naive the principal could be! We do have -- as I 
look over my shoulder -- the right to express our views in this country.

Strange as it might seem, Canada has troops in Afghanistan, fighting 
- -- for what? We have peacekeeping duties under our belt and the 
reason, it would seem, has been the rights we have entrenched into 
the fabric of our nation. That student must wonder why Canadians, 
some just a few years older than him, are dying in faraway places!

To hear that the principal threatened this young man is abhorrent, in 
my mind. One may not agree with him. However, he has a right to 
express his views.

In my opinion, the school and its staff should have stated or made it 
known that one's opinions are not a right, instead of doing what was done.

Calling the police? Excuse me, did he break a law? Were his opinions 
posing a serious situation to others, requiring the action taken?

Strange as it might seem to what I dare suggest are "country 
bumpkins" with too much authority, the student is right. Cannabis has 
proven itself to some of those who suffer from, say, multiple sclerosis.

Strange as it might seem, some sufferers were provided with the right 
to use the drug! Like, duh, why -- if it's so wrong and has no 
benefits? I guess cannabis is only used by druggies to get high, eh?

In my opinion, this student is owed no less than an apology! The 
principal should be made to attend classes to realize what one's 
rights are in Canada.

It is more than obvious the principal and the school board 
overstepped their bounds. If the student is not selling drugs, then 
he does not deserve to be hassled for his opinions.

All of us have a right to our opinion -- even a student!

Tom Brewer

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