Pubdate: Thu, 02 Aug 2007
Source: New Statesman (UK)
Copyright: 2007 New Statesman
Author: Robert Sharpe


Peter Wilby is to be commended for exposing the latest reefer madness 
hype for the nonsense that it is (Inside track, 30 July). The 
scientific literature on alcohol use disorder and schizophrenia is 
vast, yet I don't hear anyone using it to make the case for 
reclassification of alcohol. The "potent cannabis" myth is being 
pushed by shameless culture warriors who have no understanding of how 
cannabis is actually consumed. Strong cannabis requires significantly 
less smoke inhalation than weak cannabis to achieve the desired 
effect. It is actually less harmful.

Lifetime use of marijuana is higher in the United States than any 
European country, yet the US is one of the few western nations to use 
its criminal justice system to punish citizens who prefer marijuana 
to a Martini. The land of the free now has the highest incarceration 
rate in the world, in large part due to the war on drugs. Despite a 
clear record of failure, America continues to use its superpower 
status to export a dangerous moral crusade around the globe. The UK 
should Just Say No to the American Inquisition.

Robert Sharpe

Common Sense for Drug Policy Washington, US
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