Pubdate: Sat, 04 Aug 2007
Source: Anniston Star (AL)
Copyright: 2007 Consolidated Publishing
Author: Stan White


Re "The drug war in the U.S." (Speak Out, July

Letter writer Robert Sharpe got some arrow-splitting bullseyes with
his letter, asking, "What would Jesus do?"

One of the most important truths about cannabis not mentioned is that
on the first page of the Bible, God indicates He created all
seed-bearing plants and that they are all good (Genesis 1:11-12 and
29-30). Caging humans for using what God says is good is luciferous
and separates people from the truth. It's no wonder that by the time
humans get to the third page of the Bible they are stumbling, unable
to grasp the lesson of Cain and Abel and resist killing and murder.

Cannabis prohibition, persecution and extermination is the Biblical
root of all problems facing humans today. Prohibiting cannabis makes
it difficult for the nations to heal and end killing and murder.
Biblically, we're told the leaves of the tree of life are for the
healing of the nations on the very last page.

Stan White

Dillon, Colo.
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