Pubdate: Fri, 17 Aug 2007
Source: Sierra Sun (Truckee, CA)
Copyright: 2007 Sierra Sun
Author: C Buehler


That was a good column Thomas Elias wrote ("Medical pot harassment 
aids illicit use" Sierra Sun Aug. 13), however I believe we have a 
better solution. The lure of easy money is perpetuated by the 
prohibition on pot. If it was taxed and regulated then the illegal 
money aspect would be eliminated. This would do more to eradicate 
these pot farms than any other method. The medical marijuana 
dispensaries would disappear as the patients could buy directly from 
a legal source at a much lower price. The quality would be controlled 
by the ATF(&M) just as our other intoxicants. Growers would be 
licensed and taxed somewhat like our farmers creating a new legal 
cash crop. Regulation would bring stability to the market by lowering 
prices and bring a little bit of sanity to our country. Other 
benefits would be using the hemp plant on a huge scale for fabrics, 
food, and many other products.

The down side: Many law officers would lose their jobs or be moved to 
other units -- maybe the pedophile squad? Some urban ghettos may have 
an economic collapse as their product is no longer valuable. 
Terrorist or gangs would no longer profit from marijuana, only 
tax-paying Americans.

Oops, that's a good thing... ain't it? More information is available 
at Also visit (Law enforcement against prohibition)

C Buehler

Dayton, Nev.
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