Pubdate: Fri, 24 Aug 2007
Source: Eagle-Tribune, The (MA)
Copyright: 2007 The Eagle-Tribune
Author: Michael Collins


To the editor:

The Eagle-Tribune has endorsed Eileen Donoghue in the Democratic 
primary for the 5th Congressional District writing, "In selecting a 
person to represent the 5th District in Washington, voters need to 
consider which candidate is best suited to represent the interests of 
all Merrimack Valley residents."

I feel quite differently after hearing Donoghue's response to whether 
medical marijuana should be allowed for sick patients. And clearly on 
this issue, the majority of voters in Massachusetts feel exactly the 
same way that I do in having voted again and again for medical 
marijuana and marijuana decriminalization.

Democrat Eileen Donoghue says she does not support the use of medical 
marijuana, saying she believes there are alternatives that can be 
used in a safe and effective manner.

I would like to suggest a follow up question to Eileen Donoghue: 
Which drugs would you suggest for my friend, a mother residing in 
Massachusetts who has suffered from several strokes, seizures and 
deals with constant pain and migraines? The doctors had her on 
OxyContin, which she quit for medical marijuana. She says medical 
marijuana is a godsend. Which would you suggest for her? Medical 
marijuana or OxyContin? Or some other?

What other alternatives are there for these people? Toxic 
prescription drugs or nontoxic medical marijuana?


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