Pubdate: Sat, 25 Aug 2007
Source: Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB)
Copyright: 2007 Winnipeg Free Press
Author: Bruce Symington


So, this quarter million dollar coke bust will lead to less street 
crime, at least according to police. (Coke bust to curb street crime? 
Aug.24). Let us try to follow their logic: Street crime due to coke 
use is directly proportional to the price of coke; the higher the 
price, the more crime required to purchase it. The cop says the bust 
will lead to less street crime. The only way this will be true is if 
the street price of coke decreases. Therefore, what the police are 
saying is that the bust will actually "lower" the price of coke on 
the street. But that is illogical. Surely the bust will "increase" 
the street price of coke, leading to more rather than less crime. 
That can't be their logic. Let's try again.

The cops bust a dealer, there is less coke, so people switch to other 
drugs, like meth, heroin and LSD. The cops must be arguing that 
increased use of heroin and meth lowers the crime rate. How is it, 
then, that last month they were arguing the exact opposite? That 
can't be their logic. Let's try again.

Busting a dealer, publicizing the bust, and lying about the 
inevitable outcome of more, not less, crime leads the public to think 
the cops are actually accomplishing something, much as the hamster on 
the wheel; lots of sound and fury but not any real results.

It's all smoke and mirrors, designed to make the public feel good.


Medicine Hat, Alta.
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