Pubdate: Fri, 24 Aug 2007
Source: Globe and Mail (Canada)
Copyright: 2007, The Globe and Mail Company
Author: J. Graham Lee


Margaret Wente employs the same flawed logic she and
prohibitionists of her ilk always use when they make their case
against marijuana consumption (Time To Just Say 'No' To Cannabis -
Aug. 23). Just because her friend has done poorly in life while using
the drug does not mean the drug is to blame. He may also drink coffee,
yet few would jump to the conclusion that coffee is responsible for
his problems.

People occasionally fail in life, and this happens for many reasons.
Marijuana use is sometimes a coping method but rarely the cause of the
failure. The fact is, pot could disappear and we'd still have the same
people with the same problems.

J. Graham Lee

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