Pubdate: Sat, 19 Jan 2008
Source: London Free Press (CN ON)
Copyright: 2008 The London Free Press
Author: Stan White
Note: Titled by Newshawk


Re: Americans Are Dopes On Pot

It isn't just Canadians that are outraged (Americans Are Dopes On Pot,
Jan. 16, 2008); millions of Americans also do not support extraditing
or caging Marc Emery.

As a North American Christian, it's insulting and offensive to cage
the heroic cannabis (kaneh bosm / marijuana) activist Marc Emery; not
according to just me but according to Christ God Our Father, the
Ecologician, who indicates He created all the seed bearing plants
saying they are all good on the very 1st page of the Bible.

If Canada doesn't want to lose it's sovereignty, protect it by not
allowing the extradition of Emery over such discredited law.

Further, next time elections come around, get rid of conservative
oxymoron, misnomer Christian right politicians, who support and enable
this luciferous persecution.

Stan White, Dillon, Colorado